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First let's pin down a few biz basics: You and your vision, your customer and her problem, and your solution to that problem!



what is a brand?

you + your vision

Know Your Audience

(optional) Create your signature offer

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what is a brand?

Est. time to complete: 10 min

Before we dive in, let's clear the air and explore what a brand actually is, and what branding is all about! Hint: It’s not something you can see!

in this section:

  • Brand Strengths Assessment


you & your vision

Est. time to complete: 30 minutes

Every great brand strategy begins with getting clear about who you are, and what you want to build! Complete a quick vision exercise, and then take inventory of your unique personal strengths and qualities.

in this section:

  • Your Vision

  • Personal Strengths Inventory


External Resources:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  / 16Personalities (unofficial free MBTI indicator) // CliftonStrengths (formerly Gallup StrengthsFinder)

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know your audience

est. time to completed: varies

Your brand exists in the minds of the people you're here to serve! So let's get to know them, what they want, and what problem they have.

in this section:

  • Target Market Research

  • Ideal Client Profile

  • Customer Story/Journey


create your signature offering

est. time to complete: 1 hour

Now that we know the problem, let's create a solution that sets your business up for success, and that you can build your brand around.

in this section:

  • Create Your Signature Offer

  • Find Your Price

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section wrap-up!

Yay! You've completed the first main section of the course. Let's tie it up with a bow on top!


est. time to complete: 1 minute


woohoo! you're doing so great

got a question or comment?

I want to hear how things are going! If you’re lovin’ it, or feeling stuck on any steps, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you in a jiff.

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