branding workshop for your team

You have a high-performing team, and everyone wants the best for the future of the biz.

How do you make sure you have buy-in from all the right people? A little help goes a long way.



What's a brand workshop?

A facilitated branding workshop can organize the conversation, encourage creativity, leverage the collective brain power of your team, and let everyone feel heard and valued.

In a half-day workshop, I'll use a consensus-building method to guide a discussion about your brand, its purpose, its spirit and personality, the vision for success, and other key questions.

We'll use collaborative exercises and activities to make it fun and engaging. As your facilitator, I'll make sure everyone has chances to participate, and I'll track progress and guide the conversation toward a productive outcome, so you and your team can focus on your brand.


What will I walk away with?

You'll receive a detailed report showing the results of the workshop, including individual responses as well as key takeaways. It will summarize the brand purpose and vision, personality, vision for success, and strategic direction.


What's involved?

You'll get a short and sweet planning guide for picking the date and getting your crew excited, and I'll prepare the meeting agenda and all group print-outs and activities.

Afterwards, you'll receive a summary of key insights, and a recommended brand strategy and next steps for your team.

This is a great start to a new roadmap for getting where you want to go!



booking + scheduling

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Perfect for small teams. Currently only available in Colorado.


Your investment: $1,100