here’s exactly what we’ll cover!

Each module includes several teaching videos, and fillable PDF workbooks for applying the lessons.

Module 1:

the biz


laying the foundations of your business

We’ll start by pinning down a few biz basics. You’ll define your vision for your business, who your dream client is and what she truly NEEDS right now, and what you can offer to solve her problem. You’ll design a new signature offer (or perfect an existing one) that your dream clients can’t wait to get their hands on!

✓ Define your vision for your business & brand
✓ Align your brand with your natural gifts & personality
✓ Understand your customer’s motivations & situation
✓ Create your ideal customer avatar
✓ Design your one-of-a-kind signature offer

Module 2:

the brand


BUILDING a brand people fall in love with

Let's dive into your brand! We’ll define your unique selling proposition, your core messaging, your visual style, your customer experience, and everything you need to STAND OUT in the marketplace and build a tribe of loyal fans.

✓ Define how you’re 100% unique
✓ Claim your place in the market
✓ Create your unique visual style
✓ Find your unique voice & message
✓ Design your customer experience

Module 3:

the plan


Elevating your brand + cultivating leads

Now you need a clear plan of action. We’ll lay out a clear plan of action for growing your brand through your content, your social media, your website, and the actions you take to serve your market. We’ll also create a plan for cultivating followers and fans into paying CLIENTS by serving and selling authentically.

✓ Create your content strategy + process
✓ Plan your content calendar
✓ Convert followers and fans into paying clients