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30-day brand clarity + visibility challenge

starts January 7, 2019

In one month, build a swoon-worthy social media presence that draws in your tribe, deepens trust and credibility, cultivates eager customers, makes a positive impact, and grows your influence!

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it’s your turn to shine


If you’re ready for people to know your name, love your message, and connect more deeply with you and your story, this Challenge is for you. Even if you’re still new to this online biz thing, YOU can inspire people with your social media presence, and draw them into your world.

in 30 days, you'll explore, discover, and share...


your vision


your story


your voice

your message

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we're not just finding clarity — we're taking action!




Get social

Join the closed group for Challenge participants only, and introduce yourself. This is where all the magic happens! Shine on Social 30-Day Challenge



Look closely

Each day, there will be a writing prompt posted to help you think about your brand in a new way. You’ll also learn the psychology of why each prompt works!



post with purpose

Follow the prompts each day to start sharing your message and building brand awareness on social media — using the platform of your choice.



cheer each other on!

All month, get to know your fellow Challenge participants and encourage each other. I’ll also be there cheering you on!



the heart-centered entrepreneur who's ready to shine!

even if you’re…

  • Shy, introverted, or just plain uncomfortable in the spotlight. Trust me, I’ve been there! I’m sharing the same questions and methods that helped me break through my fears and start cultivating an engaged community of amazing people who resonate with me and my message.

  • New in your industry, and not super confident yet in your abilities or experience. This Challenge doesn’t require you to have years of experience in your industry. It’s not about wowing anyone with your technical knowledge. This is about harnessing all that heart and passion you carry around with you, and turning it into content that gets results for you and your biz.

  • New to social media, and don’t have a huge following yet. Don’t worry! This Challenge is perfect for all stages of business. Maybe you have a thriving business and you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level with more purposeful content; or maybe you’re a total newbie who wants to start on the right foot. The fundamentals of branding are the same whether you’re Coca-Cola or a solopreneur in your first year of business. We all have a mission, a message, and a vision to share!

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What social media platform is this for?

It’s designed with Instagram stories and posts in mind, because that’s where I devote most of my attention. But the prompts aren’t specific to any single platform! You can totally follow the prompts to post or go live in your Facebook group, or wherever you engage your community.

When will the Challenge begin?

The Challenge officially kicks off on January 7. When you sign up, you’ll be added to the list of registered participants. When the private Facebook community opens a couple days before the Challenge begins, you’ll be invited into the group (or your request to join will be approved).

What are the prompts like?

Short, sweet, and strategic! With each post, you’ll get a detailed question, and a template to get you started. One day, you might share one thing you would change about the world, to give your followers a clear picture of your brand vision. Another day, you might share why you love working with your dream clients, to tap into the psychological principle of reciprocal liking. Another day, I might ask you to share one of your favorite moments from your business, to reveal your motivations and help people see why you do what you do.

You’ll also get a quick explanation of why each prompt is so effective at building your brand and biz. I’ll NEVER advise you to use a sneaky marketing trick. My background is in social good brands, and my approach to brand strategy is deeply rooted in positive social psychology — the study of helping people improve wellbeing and live more meaningful lives through social interaction. I want to help you — but I also want to help the people whose lives you touch.

Will we cover visual design and visual branding?

While visual brand design isn’t the focus of the Challenge, there will be prompts designed to help you assess your visual brand. You’re also welcome to ask questions in the group and get feedback or suggestions from me and the other members!



Join the Challenge below, and then request to join the Shine on Social 30-Day Challenge Facebook group. I’ll accept all registered participants a couple days before we officially kick off on January 7, 2019!


Shine on Social 30-Day Challenge


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