what we’ll tackle together

This is all about helping you build a profitable business you LOVE, a brand message + platform that attracts, inspires, and motivates your tribe, and offers that SELL!

Over 6—8 weeks (depending on your schedule), we’ll meet in four strategic 1:1 calls:

CALL 1 // Unpacking your purpose + Crystallizing your message

Aligning your business with your higher purpose, unpacking your ideas and uncovering your unique message, and what you stand for, to resonate with the right people. This is all about tuning into your voice and crystallizing what YOU are here to stand for!

CALL 2 // attracting your tribe on instagram

Showing up for your community and sharing your message with confidence. Using your heartfelt message + unique point of view to call in your tribe, establish credibility and trust, and warm up your dream clients and your tribe for your offers!

CALL 3 // Packaging your services + selling with intention

Packaging, launching, and selling an irresistible offer to your Instagram community, pricing strategically for profit + purpose, selling it with confidence and intention, and turning followers and fans into happy clients.

CALL 4 // elevating your brand + increasing your reach

Elevating your brand and growing your community by establishing a passive source of leads into your email list + Instagram account, and a strategy for nurturing your email subscribers up to the sale with kindness and transparency.