Working together

This is a comprehensive, done-for-you brand strategy and development package. It includes weekly coaching and consulting around clarifying your brand and increasing brand awareness in your target market, as well as development of core brand assets: brand strategy and core messaging, logo and visual identity, marketing plan, and website. All deliverables are noted below.

We'll meet in 12 focused 90-minute sessions via video chat or phone call (or in-person if you're near Boulder!). We can meet weekly, or at another frequency that works for you. I offer a variety of time slots  – weekdays,  weekends, and evenings – to suit your schedule. You're busy, so let's consciously create the right time and space to do this important work together!

Each week, we'll have a primary focus and desired outcome in mind. When we meet, we'll have a guided conversation about the topic at hand, strategize together, and identify next steps. (Optionally, you'll also have guided exercises to complete at your own pace before each call, to make the most of our time together.)

Every branding journey is different! So we can be flexible to suit the specifics of your brand and business, but below is a general idea of what we'll cover:

Month 1: Brand Clarity and Messaging

We'll explore your unique strengths and assets as a business (or entrepreneur), and your vision for what you want to build. We'll investigate what your market needs, what the opportunities are, who your competitors are, and what's going on inside the head of your dream clients, so we can position you strategically for success. We'll uncover your brand story, personality, and your unique message for the world, based on the impact you want to make, the tribe you want to build, and what you want to stand for in your market or community.


  • Brand Foundations: Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Market Research, Client/Customer Avatars and Motivators
  • Positioning, Competitor Analysis, Unique Value Proposition, and Key Differentiators
  • Brand Story, Personality, and Core Messaging

final Deliverables to client

  • Brand Strategy + Core Messaging "Bible"
    • Includes Brand Foundations, Ideal Client Avatars and Motivators, Brand Positioning & Key Differentiators, Brand Story, and Brand Core Messaging

Month 2: Packaging and Polishing

From your signature packages, to your web copy, to your visual style, it's time to bring your brand to life and cultivate an experience that leaves an impression and builds engagement! We'll also explore how to grow your audience and customer base organically by creating loyal brand advocates and generating word of mouth. 


  • Signature Package(s) & Pricing Structure
  • Client Experience & Brand Experience
  • Brand/Customer Loyalty & Cultivating Brand Advocates
  • Visual Style & Brand Identity

Final Deliverables to Client

  • Brand Visual Identity
    • Logo, 2 Submarks, Color Palette, Signature Pattern, Icon/Graphic set, Image guidelines, and 2 Print Collateral designs of client's choice (e.g., business cards)

  • Branded Image Library (10 curated stock photo recommendations for client to purchase directly from vendor (i.e., no markup))

Month 3: Getting Visible and Growing Your Influence

You've done the groundwork – now let's get you out into the world, in a big way! You're going to take inspired action to start claiming your desired position in the market, and taking your unique message to the people who need it. We'll create your no-fuss Content Strategy for sharing your expertise and perspective in the simplest, most elegant way for you and your audience. We'll also be getting you visible in the right places to have a transformative impact in your business.


  • Content Strategy, Topics, & Calendar
  • Website / Online Presence & Social Media Strategy
  • Print Collateral & Advertising
  • Visibility & Media Coverage Plan


  • Marketing + Promotions Plan, and Monthly Marketing To Do list