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How to Build Your Brand

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in this free course, you’ll learn:

The 3 essential steps in building your brand

Stop spinning your wheels! As long as you follow these 3 ESSENTIAL STEPS, you’ll finally connect the dots and see everything make SENSE.

the 3 common mistakes + how to avoid them

They’re easy to find and fix, once you know to LOOK for them! If you don’t, they can stagnate you and keep your biz + brand from thriving like they should.

the #1 skill you need to build an amazing brand

Spoiler alert: It’s not graphic design, copywriting, or sales! What do you think it is…?

what’s inside?

Ashley Chymiy Hellohappen video

streaming videos

Three short but sweet videos covering each of the topics listed above.

How to Build your Brand

fillable worksheets

Downloadable PDF worksheets for applying the lessons to your business.


are you ready?

Yaaaas I know you are! here’s the bottom line:

you were never meant to get lost in the crowd — you were meant to shine, inspire, and spark ACTION!

give me an hour of your time, and I’ll prove it to you.



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