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30 Days of Social Media Prompts to Build Brand Awareness


I see you, ambitious hustle queen! You’re working hard, doing all the things, being in all the places. I see you doing the work of 10 people, chugging that coffee, and trying to enjoy the process.

I see the time, money, energy, and hope you’re investing into pursuing your dream. I see the wins, the flops, the ups, the downs – even the tears. And I see you picking yourself back up, and trying again, like a damn warrior.

Most of all, I see your heart, your passion, and your sense of purpose. I see your desire to influence others, to inspire, to impact lives. To be someone people look up to. Not just ‘cause you have the most likes, or comments – but because of who you are, what you stand for, and what you mean to them.

Maybe you’re so deep in hustle mode, you don’t see this transformation happening right now. But you’re literally creating your own future, step by step.

The blog posts, the emails, the sea of hashtags – no matter how mundane or tedious, these are your deposits toward your brand. Your content is your biggest investment toward creating that future you want to make happen.

So slow down with me for a moment. Breathe, and ask yourself: → What am I creating in the world? → What is the legacy I want to build? → What is the future I want to make happen? → What do I have to say?

because, oh darling, this is where the real fun begins.


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You’re meant for more!

and your golden ticket is the b-word.

Not that B-word! I’m talking about your Brand! The heart and soul of your business. It's the passion and purpose behind what you do, your unique voice and message. It's your you-ness. The first thing people notice about you. That special something no one else has – because it's deeply rooted in who you are, and your story.

And if you’re struggling to find it, and put words around it, and express it to the world in a way that makes sense, and brings your dream clients knocking…you are in the right place, my friend.

don’t waste another minute feeling invisible.

it's your turn to shine.

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hi, i’m Ashley!

equal parts silly, sweet, & strategic

I’m a storyteller, coach, and strategist for visionary entrepreneurs who’re building brands that matter! I’m also the creator and host of The Brand Cure podcast, and the Brand with a Plan Toolkit and Course.

I love friendly dogs, floofy cats, and coffee with extra cream and sugar. I believe in the power of kindness, empathy, listening, and being unapologetically you.

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“Ashley has an ability to pull the words right out of your mouth. The ones you always struggled to find, pull together and put down in a cohesive sentence. For the longest time - literally years - I struggled to describe my brand….Then I met Ashley, and she was able to sort all the squirrels in my brain and turn it into a brand that is getting me my dream clients. Clients who come to me offering tacos and whiskey because they know thats what I love. I’ll just be over here, shouting Ashley from the rooftops, and booking my dream clients.”

- Nat Reynolds, Photographer


“Our non-profit has been working with Ashley since March 2018. She is brilliant at what she does! She has great insight into brand strategy and a tremendous amount of dedication and compassion for the people she works with. She is truly motivated by a desire to help. When we first spoke to her, we had a muddled message. It took us almost three hours to explain our model, our goals, and our strategies to potential investors. After working with Ashley, we were able to get to the heart of the matter and put together a compelling 20 minute presentation [and] our donations increased 30-fold. She has revolutionized the way we conceptualize our business and the professionalism with which we present it to others. We cannot recommend her more highly. She will take your business to a new level.”

- Kat Slater, Executive Director, Solid Ground for Africa


“I feel like I could gush about Ashley all day long. Before I started working with her… I lacked direction and focus. After just a few sessions, I had a much better grasp on my brand identity and started to feel like I was moving in the right direction. Ashley has a knack for asking you crucial questions about your brand that you had never considered before. [She] really helped me figure out who I'm marketing to. Recently, I took her AMAZING 1-Day Branding and Content Intensive!! My photography business finally has a voice that matches the images I create. The Content Plan we laid out together has been a lifesaver for my efficiency and workflow. I no longer feel like I'm just hurling darts at the board - I actually have a strategy for how to hit the bulls-eye. And it's largely thanks to Ashley.”

- Kendra Anderson, Kendra Colleen Photography

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