Day 2: What’s your WHY?

Why do I do what I do?

Because I believe [describe what you believe is possible through the work you do].

I want to see [describe the impact you want to make in the world].

And I know what it’s like to struggle with [the problem your customer is having].

But I also know that [the truth about what your customer can achieve with the right tools/mindset/support/etc.].

So tell me: What do you do? And why do you do it?

Day 3: WHO do you help, and WHY?

Let’s talk about [type of person you serve - e.g., introverts, new moms, creatives, etc.]

Being a [type of person] isn’t always [easy/fun/etc.]. [Describe what being this type of person looks like.]

But I see you, [type of person]! I know how [tough/strong/creative/etc.] you are. [Describe what you admire or love about this type of person].

[Describe the impact you believe these people can make, or why you choose to help them specifically.]

So, if you’re a [type of person], what’s your FAVORITE thing about it? If you’re not, tag a [type of person] who needs this message!

Day 4: What’s your VISION?

Someday, [how you think things should be different from today].

[Describe how that will look, and why you hope it looks that way].

[Note any obstacles in the way, and why they can’t stop the future from unfolding].

But instead of someday, we can start making this our reality TODAY. We can [actions that can help create this future].

So what about you? What’s the better world YOU’RE building?

Day 5: What’s your POINT OF VIEW?

What’s the BEST WAY to [customer goal]?

It’s not [alternative way]. Or [alternative way]. [Describe what’s wrong with those solutions.]

The best way to [customer goal] is to [your approach]. [Describe what that looks like.

Because [describe why it’s the best way].

So, what do you think? Are you a believer in [your way]?

Day 6: Go for COFFEE!

No template for this one guys! Just wish your followers a happy weekend, share what you're up to that your client might be able to relate to, and why you love it... then ask what they're doing this weekend!

Day 7: HOW did you get here?

[Introduce the “before”].

[Talk about what shifted, changed, opened your eyes, or inspired you].

[What was the lesson you learned, that you want to share with your client?]

So, have you ever [relatable situation from your story]? What did you learn from it?

Day 8: Take us BEHIND the scenes!

I’m pulling back the curtain today! Let’s take a look behind the scenes.

[Describe a part of your process you love, that helps you get the best results for your clients].

So, what do you think? Have you ever used a technique like this?

Day 9: Question and Answer!


[Answer]! [Go into detail with this answer and make it motivating/inspiring/eye-opening]!

So, what do you think? Whether you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments!

Day 10: What does your client need to HEAR?

[The worry, fear, or frustration your customer is experiencing, in their own words.]

I know what it’s like to [way that you relate. Doesn’t have to be exact, but it can be.]

Example: “My hamster is getting older, and it makes me so sad to know someday she won’t be here.”
I’ve been there, and know all too well what it’s like. I went through the same thing with my hamster, and it was so painful.
I know what it’s like to watch a pet grow older, and I know it’s not easy.

[What they need to hear right now to feel better/keep going, what you would say to a friend over coffee].

Have you ever [had this thought/worried about this/etc.]? [Follow up question that gets them thinking]?

Day 11: What MOVEMENT are you starting (or riding!)?

We’re starting a movement over here!

We’re saying [what the movement’s philosophy is]

[Elaborate on the movement’s philosophy that your dream client will agree with - Make it your own! Get excited! Pump people up!]

So, you in? Are you ready to [take action to be part of the movement]? Claim it in the comments!

Day 12: What are your unique VALUES?

Let’s talk about [VALUE]!

It’s not just about [surface level/bare minimum example of this value]. It’s about [deeper level that it becomes really important.]
“Kindness: It’s not just about being ‘nice’ to each other’s faces. It’s about having someone else’s best interest at heart.”

[Talk about a time someone showed YOU this quality and treated you with this value, and how it impacted you].

Here are a few ways we can start being more [aligned with this value: more kind, more honest, more generous, etc.]:

[Simple way to be more ______]
[Simple way to be more ______]
[Simple way to be more ______]

What about you? Tell me about someone who embodies [VALUE] in your eyes!

Day 13: What do people SAY about you?

[Your favorite testimonial or comment from a past client]

When I heard/read this comment from my client, I was [happy/excited/moved/etc.].

[Explain why it mattered so much to you].

What’s one of the nicest compliments you’ve ever gotten? What did it mean to you?

Day 14: What do you do for FUN?

This weekend I’m [activity you have planned].

I LOVE [doing this activity] because [reason you love it].

[Share a story if one comes to mind: the first time you did this thing, a time you had the most fun, a time that started out badly but turned around and was awesome, etc.]

What about you? What’s one of your favorite things to do in your spare time? I wanna know!

Day 15: Be a Broken Record!

[Your one message she needs to keep hearing]

I know, I’ve said it before. And I’m going to keep saying it, because I know there is always someone who NEEDS to hear it again.

Someone who [describe the situation they’re in, and how it’s effecting them, that makes it important that they hear this message]

If that’s you, I’ll say it again: [Your one message, maybe in different words]. [Expand on that message].

So, [follow up question that gets them thinking]?

Day 16: What LESSON did you learn… and teach?

[Introduce the “before” you learned this lesson].

[Talk about what shifted, changed, opened your eyes, or inspired you].

[What was the lesson you learned, that you want to share with your client?]

So, have you ever [relatable situation from your story]? What did you learn from it?

Day 17: What’s this FEELING?

I felt so [FEELING].

[Describe the circumstances. Specify if this was recent or even right now] If you’ve ever been here, you know what it’s like.

What finally changed/is changing was/is [what happened or IS happening that led to you feeling better].

So if you’re feeling [feeling], here are a few small steps you can take today, to turn it around.

  • Small step

  • Small step

  • Small step

Have you ever felt [feeling]?

Day 18: Give us a WINDOW into your biz!

Day 19: Predict the FUTURE!

Day 20: Let’s talk about FEAR!

Ever worry [your client’s FEAR]?

Girl I know how it feels! [Describe how it feels!]

But the honest truth is that [flip it around: can she take action? are her fear statistically unfounded? is what she’s fearing not so bad?]

[Build her up and inspire her to see things differently!]

So… ready to [what action can she take with confidence WITHOUT being held back by this fear]? [Include a small call to action! It could be downloading your freebie, or writing a post about something, or sending you a DM]

Day 21: Reflect on the GRAM!

Have you ever noticed [something about Instagram or the social media platform you’re posting on]?

[Point out something you may not love about the platform].

BUT [Then point out something you DO love about it!]

At the end of the day, I’m so glad I’m here, and I’m SO glad you’re here! Because [ultimate value you find in the platform].

If you feel me on this, [action they can take that leverages what you love about the platform - like sending you a voice message, or tagging you in a story]!

So tell me how you keep your sanity on [social media platform]!

Day 22: Choose a QUOTE

Insert quote here” - [Name of person who said it first].

[Restate the quote or the sentiment in your own words.]

[Explain why this matters to you!]

What do you think? [Ask a question that invites their opinion and gets them thinking!]

Day 23: Reframe a BELIEF!

The limiting belief echoing in your dream client’s head.

If this is the story you’re telling yourself, it’s time for a reframe my friend!

In truth, [reframe the statement and assert a NEW truth she needs to embrace].

So stop [old action resulting from the limiting belief], and start [new action resulting from the reframe]!

(Tip: You can totally start by [free or low cost offer, like your podcast, blog, freebie, or low-cost product]! (Link in bio!))

So… is there an old story you’re telling yourself that’s holding you back?

Day 24: WHERE are you and why?

Did you know I live in/I’m located in [Place]?

How I ended up here is a bit of a long story, but here’s what it all comes down to:

I love [Place] because [what you love about it!]. [Dive into some of the reasons it’s the PERFECT place for your business, and how its energy is aligned with yours].

(By the way, if you’re in [place you live], send me a DM! I love making new local connections!)

So, I want to know… where are you?? And why have you chosen to call it home?

Day 25: How is your TECHNIQUE improving?

Let me share something with you that I’ve been buzzing about all week! I learned something new/picked up a new skill recently that is totally changing how I approach [what you do].

[Describe what you learned about, or how to do, or what shift you’ve made.]

[Explain WHY this matters and how it positively impacts your customers].

Honestly I’m always picking up new skills and information to share with my clients, and the best way to get all that value in one place is with [something you offer for free or at a low price point, like your blog or a freebie or a low-cost product]. Snag it now - the link’s in my bio!

Tell me something you learned recently that changed the way you do things!

Day 26: What was your LIGHTBULB moment?

I used to think [old thought or belief or situation].

And then [however long ago it was], I was [describe the circumstances], and I realized [what you realized!]

Suddenly I knew, [what you suddenly knew and understood]! [Expand on it!]

[How it has changed your situation, business, or life].

Have you ever had an AHA! moment about [topic]?

(PS. We all need to share the lessons we learn, because they can totally help others! Write a post about a lightbulb moment YOU had, and tag me in it so I can cheer you on!)

Day 27: Your HOW and WHY

[Describe the moment you realized that most of your competitor products are missing the mark (without naming names). Bonus points if this is a pain point your customer already knows they have].

[Describe the impact this has on client outcomes].

That’s why I [what you do differently to deliver a better experience and better result]. [Describe how it works and why it’s better.]

(By the way, if you want to see what I’m talking about, link’s in my bio!)

What do you think? Have you ever [hired someone like you / bought something like what you sell]? What was the experience like, and what did you love? What missed the mark?

Day 28: Give a mini MASTERCLASS!

Ever try to [topic or what you’re going to teach your tribe how to do]?

I know, [what’s hard about doing this thing]. But [what’s rewarding about it]. So let me share HOW you can [thing they want to do]:

  1. [Step/Rule. Expand on it.]

  2. [Step/Rule. Expand on it.]

  3. [Step/Rule. Expand on it.]

I can’t wait for you to give this a shot and let me know how it goes! If you want more tips and strategies for [topic you teach about], be sure to check out my [blog/podcast/content]! Link in bio!

What’s your best tip for [thing you’re teaching]?

Day 29: Shout out a CLIENT or customer!

Guys, I just have to brag on [Name of person you’re shouting out] today.

If you don’t know [Name], she’s [what you love and admire about her, and why they should follow/connect with her].

[Brag on her and share how she is thriving/succeeding/showing character! Be sure to mention somewhere that she’s your client, and how she has taken what you taught her/made for her/did with her and is running with it].

Now I want to know who YOUR heroes are! Tag a friend who inspires you, and tell me what you love most about them!

Day 30: What have you LEARNED?

So you may not have noticed, but in the past month or so I’ve been digging deep into my business to discover and figure out where I’m headed, what I have to say, and what IMPACT I want to make.

And one of the main things I’ve realized is [what you’ve realized!]

So I want to share with you guys that I’m [what action you’re going to take based on this realization]. No more [old actions that were holding you back]. I’m stepping into this next chapter and [what you’re going to do differently].

If this stirs something in you, I want to invite you on this journey with me! Let’s [how things will be different for both of you going forward]. Are you in? Claim it in the comments!