Brand & business strategic coaching for the passionate entrepreneur


brand audit + strategy call

90 minutes

You know something’s not quite clicking with your brand and online presence — maybe your message is confusing people, or maybe the visual story on your website just doesn’t do you justice. Let’s take inventory and get to the heart of it together!

You'll answer a few questions about your business, and then we'll spend a focused hour reviewing your online presence, finding and repairing weak spots, fine-tuning your messaging, and setting you up with a mini action plan of the most important next steps for you to take.


what other inspired entrepreneurs are saying…

Kind words testimonial
Before I hopped on a call with Ashley, I was at a loss on how to speak to my ideal audience in a deeper way...
Ashley was able to coach me through what I needed to achieve clarity and direction on my messaging across all platforms.
— Jennica Collado, visibility coach |
Ashley took the jumble of a million things going on in my head and turned it into one cohesive brand... I don’t know if I’d be half as successful without her. You won’t regret investing in her. She happily goes the extra mile for you!
— Alyssa Hammond, Life coach |
Ashley opened my eyes and helped me unpack my why, and most importantly helped me understand how to share my why with the world...Anyone can be a coach, but not everyone can help you see your fullest potential... That’s what Ashley did for me, and I am forever grateful.
— Erin Pride, Dance Education Consultant |
Ashley is AMAZING. My call with her was phenomenal and I came away so jazzed and ready to work on the ideas we discussed. She was so helpful in brainstorming and answering my questions. I can’t recommend working with Ashley highly enough!
— Sarah Marie Arnold, MBTI Consultant |
I had such a great call with Ashley from Hellohappen and would recommend their services in a heartbeat! So sweet and asked questions that really got me thinking in a different way that was definitely helpful.
— ashley lenahan, blogger |
Ashley was on-point with her branding recommendations for my social media marketing business. She had suggestions I hadn’t thought of and explained them in a way that made sense for MY work. I feel like her review was what I needed to shift gears toward attracting better clients.
— ash kennedy, social media marketer |


your investment: $160