post prompts

Day 27: Your HOW (and WHY it’s better)

[Describe the moment you realized that most of your competitor products are missing the mark (without naming names). Bonus points if this is a pain point your customer already knows they have].

[Describe the impact this has on client outcomes].

That’s why I [what you do differently to deliver a better experience and better result]. [Describe how it works and why it’s better.]

(By the way, if you want to see what I’m talking about, link’s in my bio!)

What do you think? Have you ever [hired someone like you / bought something like what you sell]? What was the experience like, and what did you love? What missed the mark?

Day 26: What was your LIGHTBULB moment?

I used to think [old thought or belief or situation].

And then [however long ago it was], I was [describe the circumstances], and I realized [what you realized!]

Suddenly I knew, [what you suddenly knew and understood]! [Expand on it!]

[How it has changed your situation, business, or life].

Have you ever had an AHA! moment about [topic]?

What lightbulb moments have YOU had that changed the game for you? Share one with your tribe, and tag me in it so I can cheer you on!

Day 25: How are you LEVELING UP?

Let me share something with you that I’ve been buzzing about all week! I learned something new/picked up a new skill recently that is totally changing how I approach [what you do].

[Describe what you learned about, or how to do, or what shift you’ve made.]

[Explain WHY this matters and how it positively impacts your customers].

Honestly I’m always picking up new skills and information to share with my clients, and the best way to get all that value in one place is with [something you offer for free or at a low price point, like your blog or a freebie or a low-cost product]. Snag it now - the link’s in my bio!

Tell me something you learned recently that changed the way you do things!

Day 24: WHERE are you and why?

Did you know I live in/I’m located in [Place]?

How I ended up here is a bit of a long story, but here’s what it all comes down to:

I love [Place] because [what you love about it!]. [Dive into some of the reasons it’s the PERFECT place for your business, and how its energy is aligned with yours].

(By the way, if you’re in [place you live], send me a DM! I love making new local connections!)

So, I want to know… where are you?? And why have you chosen to call it home?

Day 23: Reframe a BELIEF!

The limiting belief echoing in your dream client’s head.

If this is the story you’re telling yourself, it’s time for a reframe my friend!

In truth, [reframe the statement and assert a NEW truth she needs to embrace].

So stop [old action resulting from the limiting belief], and start [new action resulting from the reframe]!

(Tip: You can totally start by [free or low cost offer, like your podcast, blog, freebie, or low-cost product]! (Link in bio!))

So… is there an old story you’re telling yourself that’s holding you back?

Day 22: Choose a QUOTE

Insert quote here” - [Name of person who said it first].

[Restate the quote or the sentiment in your own words.]

[Explain why this matters to you!]

What do you think? [Ask a question that invites their opinion and gets them thinking!]

Day 21: Reflect on the GRAM!

Have you ever noticed [something about Instagram or the social media platform you’re posting on]?

[Point out something you may not love about the platform].

BUT [Then point out something you DO love about it!]

At the end of the day, I’m so glad I’m here, and I’m SO glad you’re here! Because [ultimate value you find in the platform].

If you feel me on this, [action they can take that leverages what you love about the platform - like sending you a voice message, or tagging you in a story]!

So tell me how you keep your sanity on [social media platform]!

Day 20: Let’s talk about FEAR!

Ever worry [your client’s FEAR]?

I know how it feels! [Describe how it feels!]

But the honest truth is that [flip it around: can she take action? are her fear statistically unfounded? is what she’s fearing not so bad?]

[Build her up and inspire her to see things differently!]

So… ready to [what can she do with confidence WITHOUT being held back by this fear]?

Start by [Give her a small action to take right now. It could be downloading your freebie, or writing a post about letting go of her fear, and tagging you in it]

Day 19: See the FUTURE

[Single sentence statement that sums up the future you predict for your dream client.]

[How you know this is true!]

[Build it up! Make it exciting! Inspire her to believe in herself]

So, are you ready? Claim it in the comments and tell me what YOU are doing today to make it happen!

Day 18: Give us a WINDOW into your biz

[Stage in your process] is one of my favorite parts of being a [your role]. So let me give you an inside peek into how it looks from my end!

[Describe this stage or part of your process in detail.]

What do you think? [Question that prompts the reader to connect this to their life]?

Day 17: Shout out someone who INSPIRES you!

Today I want to shout out someone I admire/love/respect: [Name].

[Explain what you love or admire about this person, touching on a quality or characteristic you want to embody.]

[Share an example if you can - something illustrates what you admire about this person.]

[Share how you try to be like this person and how they have influenced you.]

So… who is someone you admire and strive to be like?

Day 16: What LESSON did you learn… and teach?

[Introduce the “before” you learned this lesson].

[Talk about what shifted, changed, opened your eyes, or inspired you].

[What was the lesson you learned, that you want to share with your client?]

So, have you ever [relatable situation from your story]? What did you learn from it?

Day 15: Be a Broken Record!

[Your one message she needs to keep hearing]

I know, I’ve said it before. And I’m going to keep saying it, because I know there is always someone who NEEDS to hear it again.

Someone who [describe the situation they’re in, and how it’s effecting them, that makes it important that they hear this message]

If that’s you, I’ll say it again: [Your one message, maybe in different words]. [Expand on that message].

So, [follow up question that gets them thinking]?

Day 14: What do you do for FUN?

This weekend I’m [activity you have planned].

I LOVE [doing this activity] because [reason you love it].

[Share a story if one comes to mind: the first time you did this thing, a time you had the most fun, a time that started out badly but turned around and was awesome, etc.]

What about you? What’s one of your favorite things to do in your spare time? I wanna know!

Day 13: What do people SAY about you?

[Your favorite testimonial or comment from a past client]

When I heard/read this comment from my client, I was so [happy/excited/moved/etc.].

[Explain why it mattered so much to you. Try to cast the spotlight onto your client, and the outcome s/he got!].

What’s one of the nicest affirmations you’ve ever gotten that you’re on the right path?

Day 12: What are your VALUES?

Let’s talk about [VALUE]!

It’s not just about [surface level/bare minimum example of this value]. It’s about [deeper level that it becomes really important.]
“Kindness: It’s not just about being ‘nice’ or polite. It’s about having someone else’s best interest at heart.”

[Talk about a time someone showed YOU this quality and treated you with this value, and how it impacted you].

Here are a few ways we can start being more [aligned with this value: more kind, more brave, more creative, etc.]:

[Simple way to be more ______]
[Simple way to be more ______]
[Simple way to be more ______]

What about you? Tell me about someone who embodies [VALUE] in your eyes!

Day 11: What MOVEMENT are you starting (or riding!)?

We’re starting a movement over here!

We’re saying [what the movement’s philosophy is]

[Elaborate on the movement’s philosophy that your dream client will agree with - Make it your own! Get excited! Pump people up!]

So, you in? Are you ready to [take action to be part of the movement]? Claim it in the comments!

Day 10: What does your client need to HEAR?

[The worry, fear, or frustration your customer is experiencing, in their own words.]

I know what it’s like to [way that you relate. Doesn’t have to be exact, but it can be.]

Example: “My hamster is getting older, and it makes me so sad to know someday she won’t be here.”
- I went through the same thing with my hamster Muffin, and it was so painful.
- I know what it’s like to watch a pet grow older, and I know it’s not easy.

[What they need to hear right now to feel better/keep going, what you would say to a friend over coffee].

Have you ever [had this thought/worried about this/etc.]? [Follow up question that gets them thinking]?

Day 9: Question and Answer!


[Answer]! [Go into detail with this answer and make it motivating/inspiring/eye-opening]!

So, what do you think? Whether you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments!

Day 8: Take us BEHIND the scenes!

I’m pulling back the curtain today! Let’s take a look behind the scenes.

[Describe a part of your process you love, that helps you get the best results for your clients or projects].

So, what do you think? Have you ever used a technique like this?

Day 7: HOW did you get here?

[Introduce the “before.”]

(If you can, try to start with an eye-catching line that puts your reader in the middle of the problem, and that they can relate to. For example: “I walked on stage…and my mind went blank.”)

[Talk about what shifted, changed, opened your eyes, or inspired you].

[What was the lesson you learned, that you want to share with your client?]

So, have you ever [relatable situation from your story]? What did you learn from it?

Day 6: Go on a COFFEE DATE!

No post template today!

Day 5: What’s your POINT OF VIEW?

What’s the BEST WAY to [customer goal]?

It’s not [alternative way]. Or [alternative way]. [Describe what’s wrong with those solutions.]

The best way to [customer goal] is to [your approach]. [Describe what that looks like.

Because [describe why it’s the best way].

So, what do you think? Are you a believer in [your way]?

Day 4: What’s your VISION?

I believe in a world where [how you envision things can be different].
(or “Someday _______”; or “What if _________”? Find an intro statement that works for you and your vision!)

[Describe how that will look, and why you hope it looks that way].

[Note any obstacles in the way...].

[…and observe why they can’t stop the future from unfolding].

But instead of someday, we can start making this our reality TODAY. We can [actions that can help create this future].

So what about you? What’s the better world YOU’RE building?

Day 3: WHO do you help, and WHY?

Let’s talk about [type of person you serve - e.g., introverts, new moms, creatives, etc.]

Being a [type of person] isn’t always [easy/fun/etc.]. [Describe what being this type of person looks like.]

But I see you, [type of person]! I know how [tough/strong/creative/etc.] you are. [Describe what you admire or love about this type of person].

[Describe the impact you believe these people can make, or why you choose to help them specifically.]

So, if you’re a [type of person], what’s your FAVORITE thing about it? If you’re not, tag a [type of person] who needs this message!

 Day 2: What’s your WHY?

Why do I do what I do?

Because I believe [describe what you believe is possible through the work you do].

I want to see [describe the impact you want to make in the world].

And I know what it’s like to struggle with [the problem your customer is having].

But I also know that [the truth about what your customer can achieve with the right tools/support/mindset/etc.].

[Question that prompts your customer/follower to think]

Day 1: What are you REALLY selling?

Option 1: Tell a personal story*

For so long, I felt [negative emotion, the opposite of what your brand is about]. It affected my life in these ways…

One day I realized X, Y, and Z. Finally, things got better. Finally, I could A, B, and C.

If you think you don't belong, [the mindset shift or behavior change you need right now].

[Question that prompts your customer/follower to think] Drop into the comments and tell me!

Option 2: Sharing your perspective

Why is it so important to feel like we belong? [Your perspective on why it matters, including any evidence].

If you think you don't belong, [the mindset shift or behavior change you need right now].

[Question that prompts your customer/follower to think] Drop into the comments and tell me!