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45% of your brand image is the result of what you say, and how you say it!

From the moment your next customer lands on your website, you’ve only got a few seconds to get her attention, and start earning her trust! More than anything, she’ll remember your words, and your voice. And that’s where the real magic happens—through your copy and your words.

Use this workbook to:

  • Get clear on your goals for your website

  • Tune into your customer, what she’s dealing with, and her situation

  • Find and release your unique voice that shows off your personality

  • Answer interview-style prompts to get into that creative writing flow

  • Use the templates to create your Home, About, Sales/Services, and Contact pages


About the workbook

The workbook is a fillable PDF document, so you can record your web copy right in its 32 pages, or have your local print shop print you a copy, to take with you to your fav coffee shop!

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Your goals
Your customer
Your message
Your voice
Copywriting essentials

Creative writing prompts
Home page
About page
Sales page
Contact page

Web copy workbook

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