Brand & business strategic coaching for the passionate entrepreneur

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Ashley Chymiy, Brand Strategist + Coach


Applications open for June—August 2019!

You weren’t meant to get lost in with the crowd, fighting over scraps. You were meant to SHINE! Let’s work together to grow your business authentically, and build your stand-out, magnetic brand, so you can thrive by being you.

“Anyone can be a coach, but not everyone can help you see your fullest potential... That's what Ashley did for me and I am forever grateful.” - Erin Pride, Dance Education Consultant

Brand Strategy online course for creative entrepreneurs


Follow the same process I use with my strategic brand coaching clients, in this self-paced video course! Includes 90 minutes of private coaching with me to use throughout the course, to help you stay on track.

“I've done B-School… Brand with a Plan goes deeper into understanding your brand and your business, communicating your purpose and truth, and making a plan for getting where you want to go.” - Michele Madrigal, Fiercely Fresh Life

Ashley Chymiy, Brand Coaching + Strategy for passionate entrepreneurs


The #1 fastest way to build credibility in your industry? Sharing stellar content, consistently! Grab your coffee and join me in a focused, one-day jam session, where we’ll workshop your brand, create your messaging, and design a killer content strategy, plan, and schedule just for you.

“I no longer feel like I'm just hurling darts at the board - I actually have a strategy for how to hit the bulls-eye.” - Kendra Anderson, Photographer

Ashley Chymiy, Brand Coaching + Strategy for passionate entrepreneurs


Looking for some quick clarity about your brand, and what you should be focusing on right now? Let’s hop on a 90-minute intensive session to explore your brand, and create a mini action plan for immediate next steps. (If you decide you want to work together long-term, your payment will count towards your purchase!)

“Ashley is fun to talk to, put me at ease immediately, and really does listen. I came away with so many ideas and I was SUPER inspired. This was invaluable.” - Ai Ling, Bathgeek

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