Brand & business strategic coaching for the passionate entrepreneur


and I see you, passionate entrepreneur!

I see your heart and desire to not only build a thriving business, but also to make a real IMPACT. To influence and INSPIRE others. Not because of a number on social media—but because of who you are, and what you stand for.



I help mission-driven entrepreneurs build businesses they love, rooted in their ideas, passions, and values.

My clients come to me overwhelmed and confused about how to connect genuinely with their dream clients, and sell authentically from the HEART. They walk away clear, confident, and in LOVE with their business, with offers that SELL, and a brand that inspires + moves people.

Let’s build a business and brand you love, so you can thrive by being YOU!

Anyone can be a coach, but not everyone can help you see your fullest potential.
That’s what Ashley did for me, and I am forever grateful.
— Erin Pride, Dance Education Consultant |
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i believe the world needs more leaders like you.

You’re the type of leader and influencer this world desperately needs. You’re sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful. You want to make the world a little better, inspire people who need it most, and stand for what you believe in.

You want to be proud of the work you do, and attract opportunities through the power of your ideas, your message, and your heart for people.

But you may not see yourself as a leader just yet.

Maybe you’re still finding your voice and your message. Maybe you’re used to working quietly behind the scenes… but you feel a bigger purpose calling your name.

You’re a bright light in the world…
but you’re still learning to handle it.

Here’s how I know this about you.

I knew I was destined for something bigger than just collecting a paycheck and waiting to retire. I wanted to make an impact. I wanted my life to matter. I wanted to have and share a message the world needed to hear…

But I doubted myself, questioning whether I had anything to say at all. So I hid myself away...

I dimmed my light because I thought nobody needed it.

After years of hiding, I started a little branding studio, and I blogged about the things I cared about: leadership, creativity, and the power of ideas. Slowly but surely, I found my voice… and I found my tribe. I realized that even I could impact and inspire the people who needed it.

I realized that what I saw as a burden — my quietness and sensitivity — was actually the light I had to share. When I let it shine, I attracted the people who needed my help.

I realized it was my mission to help others find and share their own light with the world, through their authentic brand, purposeful business, + heartfelt message.

here’s what I’ve learned:

You have a message someone needs to hear.

the magic happens when you allow yourself to embrace who you really are, and say what you believe.

Because we need more leaders who are sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful. And lucky for us, you’re ready find your voice, accept your calling, and step up to lead. Your brand is about so much more than profit; it’s about standing in your purpose.

So that’s why I help visionaries push past their fears and feelings of self-doubt, find their message for the world, and build thriving businesses + brands, doing what they love.

Because you’re here to make an impact.

and there’s someone who needs your message today.

I can’t wait to see you shine!

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