the heart-centered entrepreneur who's ready to shine!

even if you’re…

  • Shy, introverted, or just plain uncomfortable in the spotlight. Trust me, I’ve been there! I’m sharing the same questions and methods that helped me break through my fears and start cultivating an engaged community of amazing people who resonate with me and my message.

  • New in your industry, and not super confident yet in your abilities or experience. This Challenge doesn’t require you to have years of experience in your industry. It’s not about wowing anyone with your technical knowledge. This is about harnessing all that heart and passion you carry around with you, and turning it into content that gets results for you and your biz.

  • New to social media, and don’t have a huge following yet. Don’t worry! This Challenge is perfect for all stages of business. Maybe you have a thriving business and you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level with more purposeful content; or maybe you’re a total newbie who wants to start on the right foot. The fundamentals of branding are the same whether you’re Coca-Cola or a solopreneur in your first year of business. We all have a mission, a message, and a vision to share!