When can I join the community?

The doors are open for a few days near the end of each month! The dates change a little depending on weekends and holidays, but generally the doors are open for a week before the new month begins.

What are the prompts like?

Short, sweet, and strategic! With each post, you’ll get a prompt and a short script to get you started. I’ll also explain why each prompt is so effective at building your brand and biz. I’ll NEVER advise you to use a sneaky marketing trick. My background is in social good brands, and my approach to brand strategy is deeply rooted in positive social psychology — the practice of helping people improve wellbeing and live more meaningful lives through social interaction. I want to help you — but I also want to help the people whose lives you touch.

Will I get any 1:1 support?

You’re encouraged to ask any questions you have about IG Stories in the Challenge group! I’ll be there answering questions, and the community is designed for you to get feedback from the group as well.

***You can also upgrade to VIP status to receive unlimited coaching via voice messaging! Space is limited and spots are not always available. Apply here!

Is this a long-term commitment?

Nope! You can join for one month to try it out, and cancel anytime!

Is there a discount for an annual membership?

Not yet, but I like where your head’s at! :) You’ll be the first to know if an annual membership is added.

What social media platform is this for?

It’s designed with Instagram Stories in mind, but you can totally follow the prompts wherever you engage your community! I hear they work great for Facebook Lives :)