What social media platform is this for?

It’s designed with Instagram stories and posts in mind, because that’s where I devote most of my attention. But the prompts aren’t specific to any single platform! You can totally follow the prompts to post or go live in your Facebook group, or wherever you engage your community.

When will the Challenge begin?

The Challenge officially kicks off on January 7. When you sign up, you’ll be added to the list of registered participants. When the private Facebook community opens a couple days before the Challenge begins, you’ll be invited into the group (or your request to join will be approved).

What are the prompts like?

Short, sweet, and strategic! With each post, you’ll get a detailed question, and a template to get you started. One day, you might share one thing you would change about the world, to give your followers a clear picture of your brand vision. Another day, you might share why you love working with your dream clients, to tap into the psychological principle of reciprocal liking. Another day, I might ask you to share one of your favorite moments from your business, to reveal your motivations and help people see why you do what you do.

You’ll also get a quick explanation of why each prompt is so effective at building your brand and biz. I’ll NEVER advise you to use a sneaky marketing trick. My background is in social good brands, and my approach to brand strategy is deeply rooted in positive social psychology — the study of helping people improve wellbeing and live more meaningful lives through social interaction. I want to help you — but I also want to help the people whose lives you touch.

Will we cover visual design and visual branding?

While visual brand design isn’t the focus of the Challenge, there will be prompts designed to help you assess your visual brand. You’re also welcome to ask questions in the group and get feedback or suggestions from me and the other members!