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Sales Funnel Toolkit

  Create your stand-out sales funnel to generate sales for your business.

  Map out all your offers and how they lead into each other.

  Create your beautiful freebie / opt-in using the Google Docs template.

  Grow your email list of dream clients eager to hear from you.

  Skip the guesswork and know exactly what you need to create, and how.

  Build your influence and make a bigger IMPACT in the world.


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Sales Funnel toolkit

  Follow your customer journey and understand each stage in the sales funnel.

  Map out your entire Sales Funnel, including all offers, downloads, and emails.

  Know exactly what you need to create, and how and when you'll create it.

  Skip the guesswork and know that your sales funnel covers all the essential steps to lead your customer to the sale with kindness.

  Instant download so you can access your toolkit and get started today

  20 beautiful pages plus templates, guiding you through each step of creating your sales funnel.

  Fillable PDF so you can complete the exercises on any computer or tablet.

  Easy-fill pages so you can type directly into the response boxes, or click to check the boxes.

Hellohappen Brand Discovery Workbook

  Printable PDF so you can print the toolkit and take it to your favorite coffee shop!

  BONUS iPhone wallpapers to keep you motivated and inspired to grow your biz!

  Moodboard template so you can create your own beautiful moodboard capturing your visual look & feel!

Sales Funnel Template Freebie

  Freebie / Opt-in Template

  A beautiful workbook freebie template you can EASILY customize in Google Docs, and use to grow your email need to open Canva or Illustrator!

(Google Docs file)

Sales Funnel Email Sequence Templates

  Email Sequence Templates

  A proven email sequence for generating sales authentically, drafted for you and customizable to YOUR brand, business, and offers! Includes 15 email templates.

(Google Docs file)


Gorgeous and I love the checklist at the end! Great macro view of how sales funnels work in a service-based biz, plus all the micro steps you need to actually implement yourself. If you don’t know where to start with building your sales funnel, this will break it all down for you.
— Arielle Shnaidman, Brand Story Coach |



Sales Funnel toolkit

Price: $37

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