Brand with a Plan Course

Brand with a Plan Course


You have a message the world needs to hear!

Someone’s life could be changed by hearing YOUR message today. I want to help you find it, share it, and own it with confidence! Because your brand is SO much more than a logo — it’s what you stand for, and what you MEAN to people.

Start attracting your perfect-fit clients + opportunities by standing confidently in YOUR purpose, leading your tribe with vision, and taking your place as an authority in your industry!

Swipe the entire process I use with every 1:1 client to create + GROW their heart-centered brands. Past students have said this course should be priced at $2,000+, but I want EVERY mission-driven entrepreneur to feel confident showing up, sharing their authentic message, + making their impact in the world.

The course includes:

  • Video lessons: Streaming video lessons totaling 2.5 hours of strategic, in-depth-exercises taking you through my strategic branding and marketing process! Lessons cover:

    • Purpose // Uncovering the deeper purpose of your brand + business

    • Positioning // Positioning yourself strategically in your market

    • Voice // Attracting your tribe + dream clients through your message

    • Visuals // Developing your memorable visual style and aesthetic

    • Content // Creating your strategic content plan for building trust

    • Sales // Outlining your essential sales funnel to cultivate leads into eager customers

    • Planning // Creating an action plan that gives you control + confidence!

  • Guided exercises: The complete Brand with a Plan toolkit, featuring powerful, targeted exercises to help you develop your brand message, define your brand’s visual style, and create a powerful content strategy for your brand.

  • Tools + Templates: Fillable templates to help you manage your brand assets, and organize your content development. Includes a Brand Strategy At-a-Glance template, a Content Development template, a Basic guide to Visual Identity Design, a Brand Asset File Structure, and more.

  • BONUS Clarity Session: 45-minute 1:1 session with Ashley! Read the Reviews

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“I’ll go over this once a year!”

“This course is seriously BOMB. Your quality of CONTENT + KNOWLEDGE is by far next level, like I would position you WITH Jasmine Star…your SUPER SIMPLE examples paint a picture in my head so I can connect the dots. Brand with a Plan is EMPOWERING, easy to understand, and makes branding feel ACHIEVABLE! This is the most SIMPLE anyone has made branding, for me anyways. This course is something I will go over like once a year to RECAP + REGROUP. This stuff wont go out of style — legit.”

- Chantel, Instagram Strategist


“Fabulous! Goes deeper than B School.”

“Brand with a Plan is fabulous!!! I've done B School and taken a couple of other great marketing and social media courses. Brand with a Plan goes deeper into understanding your brand and your business, communicating your purpose and truth, and making a plan for getting where you want to go. Ashley connects you with that deeper part of your consciousness to get to the root of who you are and what you're here to do. She speaks English to those of us who aren't business-minded, and the workbooks are super helpful in putting things down into writing. The exercises helped me create a crystal clear picture of my business, even more so than the "Build Your Business" module I took in my coaching program. Whether starting or building your business, this course will be a beautiful addition for you!”

- Michele, Life Coach + NLP Master Practitioner


“Makes figuring out your brand easy!”

“Brand with a Plan has the WOW factor. When I first opened the content and began the course, I was instantly drawn to it because of how well Ashley represented her own brand and I felt like she was personally talking to me. This program really makes figuring out your brand easy and straightforward, and Ashley's explanations of everything help a TON with finding clarity. The workbooks are awesome, clearly identified and laid out, and you always know what to expect — and since they're printable, you have the option to work through the course in chunks of time that work for you, even when you can't be at a computer.”

- Kristie, Family Photographer


Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the first few lessons and aren’t having major breakthroughs already, just send an email to ashley at hellohappen within 30 days, and you’ll get a refund! It’s important to me that you’re happy.

Brand with a Plan Course
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