Client Attraction Guide + Toolkit

Client Attraction Guide + Toolkit


Your dream clients are waiting for you!

You’re creating content, showing up in all the places, pouring everything you’ve got into marketing your business… and yet you aren’t bringing in clients. You’ve got a sinking feeling that your message just isn’t hitting the mark.

You need a simple process for connecting more deeply and really resonating with your dream clients online. To put it simply, you need a message that puts your customer first, speaks to her pain points, and shows her that you understand.

Once you start applying some small shifts to how YOU show up every day, and the message you’re sharing, you’ll have perfect-fit, soulmate clients seeking YOU out for help!

Let’s attract your perfect-fit, soulmate clients.

This is the exact same approach I use in my business to attract my perfect-fit clients — thoughtful, talented, full of heart and vision, and eager to make an impact — who reach out via social media and email, asking to work with me. And now I teach this exact approach to ALL my 1:1 clients to help them attract their dream clients.

What’s included

  • Instant download to the 24-page guide + toolkit.

  • In-depth questionnaire to help you assess your dream client’s motivations + desires.

  • My messaging process to uncover YOUR unique message for your dream client.

  • The 3 Keys to Client Attraction + how to apply them in your business.

  • Client Attraction Checklist with 10 actions you can take TODAY to get your dream clients reaching out to you for help.

  • Dream Client Profile Template you can fill out for easy reference.

  • The 7 rules of Dream Client Attraction reference sheet.

  • Sample polls + survey questions to help you connect daily with your dream clients.


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