Sales Funnel Toolkit + Templates

Sales Funnel Toolkit + Templates


Your sales funnel is the KEY to profiting in your business.

But when you sit down to map out and create your sales funnel, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Is this too salesy? Is this going to actually work?

No worries! You can have a powerful sales funnel that guides your followers, readers, and website visitors to your paid offers with kindness and a seamless experience.

This Toolkit helps you map out your entire sales funnel, including content, freebies, email sequence, and low-, medium-, and high-ticket offers — whether you offer products OR services.

Map out your entire sales funnel, including easy email + freebie templates!

What’s included:

  • Instant download to the in-depth guide, toolkit, and templates.

  • Sales Funnel Map template you can use to fill in the blanks and map out your entire funnel on one page.

  • Fillable, full-color PDF workbook you can complete on your computer or tablet, or print and take on the go!

  • Sales Funnel Template Email Sequence you can quickly and easily customize for your readers in Google Docs.

  • Beautiful freebie template you can easily customize in Google Docs and share as your opt-in (past customers have said this is a lifesaver that saved them time and frustration trying to use Canva!)

  • Development checklist at the end mapping out each + every step you need to take to get your sales funnel up and running.

  • My workbooks are basically a 1:1 coaching + strategy call in paper form. You’ll be guided through each and every step like I’m right there with you!



let’s talk about your sales funnel!


Gorgeous and I love the checklist at the end! Great macro view of how sales funnels work in a service-based biz, plus all the micro steps you need to actually implement yourself. If you don’t know where to start with building your sales funnel, this will break it all down for you.
— Arielle Shnaidman, Brand Story Coach |

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