My 7 Favorite Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

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If you read my previous post, How to Become Your Own Productivity Coach, you know I’m a huge advocate of using any spare minutes you have throughout the day to listen to and internalize messages that motivate and inspire you to move forward.

It’s a crazy effective and simple way to “hack your brain,” challenge your own negative self-talk, and transform your inner dialogue into a constant encouragement and motivator.

So as a follow-up, I wanted to share a few of my all-time favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs and creatives alike, to help boost your creativity and productivity!

my favorite 7 podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

Creative Peptalk Podcast

1. Creative Pep Talk Podcast

This is for you if: You have a lot of creative ambitions, but lack motivation, focus, and confidence in your creativity.

I’ve already written in a previous post that Creative Pep Talk Podcast was where it all started for me. It was the first podcast I listened to on creativity, and the host Andy reached through my car stereo and shook life into me and my creative career. Calling his regular peptalks a game changer for my creative career (and life) feels like an understatement.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be in a “creative” industry, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom and tricks for psyching yourself up into dreaming big and believing it. I can’t say enough good things about this one, so I’ll just leave it at that!

Women Who Startup Radio

2. Women Who Startup Radio

This is for you if: You’re a female entrepreneur looking for inspiration and advice from amazing women who have "made it."

Local to Denver, Women Who Startup is a growing support network for female entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys. They already host local in-person networking events and workshops in Denver and Boulder, and last I checked they’re expanding into a ton of new cities.

The podcast, Women Who Startup Radio, offers awesome interviews from powerful female entrepreneurs and successful business owners across industries, who are kind enough to share their stories, the obstacles they’ve encountered, and how they managed to overcome them. It’s an awesome source of inspiration for a new or growing business owner!

Side Hustle School

3. Side Hustle School

This is for you if: You’re ramping up a side hustle and need encouragement to stay focused and actually get it off the ground.

Side Hustle School is easy to listen to in just a few minutes, and shares short stories of normal people who reoriented their lives and succeeded in building profitable and rewarding side hustle ventures. The episodes are super short, bite-sized little gems.

The Deliberate Creative

4. The Deliberate Creative

This is for you if: You’re eager to find techniques and exercises to maximize your creativity in life and business.

This gem of a podcast is hosted by Amy Climer, a creativity coach who works with businesses and leaders alike. She helps leadership teams think more creatively and encourage innovation on their teams. She shares not only tips for not only unlocking your inner creativity, but also leveraging it strategically to generate more effective solutions and better outcomes.

It’s an especially great resource for when you feel stuck on a problem and can’t come up with a good solution, or when you just feel plain old tapped out in the creativity department, and need a kick in the butt to get you going again.

To be honest, I have only listened to a few episodes with Amy – because when I need a creativity boost, I only listen to one and I’m off and running again!

The Good Life Project

5. Good Life Project

This is for you if: You want to cultivate a happier, better life and business.

The Good Life Project is all about finding meaning, happiness, fulfillment, creativity, and confidence, and success in your everyday life. Jonathan Fields shares stories from people who have insights and encouragement to share, in episodes that vary in length, from just a few minutes up to over an hour.

Every story is different and has a new little bit of truth to share, and a little light to shine. It’s a great tool for redirecting your thoughts when you’re feeling a bit discouraged or disappointed, and getting you back on your feet and out into the world!

The Brand Cure Podcast

6. The Brand Cure

This is for you if: You’re a female entrepreneur, destined for greatness, and cultivating a creative business, side hustle, or profitable hobby.

I would be remiss to not include my own podcast, The Brand Cure! It’s still new on the podcast scene, but already I’ve covered how to choose your niche, how to boost engagement on social media, and how to tell a word-of-mouth-friendly brand story. Head over to iTunes or Google Play and join me in exploring your brand!

Here’s one of my favorite episodes!

Heroine Podcast

7. Heroine

This is for you if: You’re a female entrepreneur interested in inner journeys, self-discovery, and finding purpose in your life and business.

“Hey heroine – Majo here,” is one of my favorite sounds in the podcast world. Majo Molfino has such a kind and supportive attitude toward her guests and listeners, it’s hard not to feel immediately calm, centered, and ready to learn when the show starts. She conducts intimate, heartfelt interviews with female creatives and entrepreneurs, focusing on experiences that have made them who they are.

It’s a beautiful, inspiring show, and one of my go-to listens on flights and car trips.

TED Radio Hour

8. (BONUS!) TED Radio Hour

This is for you if: You love thinking about complex ideas, and learning about human nature, society, and how the world is changing.

Okay, this is a bonus because it isn't exactly about productivity or creativity, but it definitely flexes your mental muscles, which is good news for creatives and entrepreneurs!

If you’ve watched any TED Talks (standing for Technology, Entertainment, and Design), you know the basic premise – short, powerful talks covering all kinds of topics and ideas from thought leaders around the world. TED Radio Hour is basically the podcast version – an auditory “journey through fascinating ideas” – covering topics like endurance, forgiveness, speaking up, the beginning of the universe, how ideas spread, and so much more.

Listening to TED always teaches me something new and puts my thinking cap on. It gives me a creative boost and a sense of aspiration and possibility for humanity and making the world a better place, that I want to help create!

I hope this list inspires you to check out a few podcasts and see how they may fit into your week! Are there any amazing, motivating podcasts missing from this list? Drop me a line and let me know! I’ll add my fav suggestions to this list. 


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