What are You Really Selling?

In this blog post (and episode of The Brand Cure Podcast), I’m asking you one of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself about your brand.

And that is:

What are you REALLY selling?

If you know the answer to this question, it will make all of your marketing efforts POWERFUL and help you truly CONNECT with your dream clients.

Let’s 10X your marketing power girl!

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Why this matters

I know you're probably thinking, “Of course I already know what I'm selling! Jewelry, software, coaching package, etc. etc.”

And yes, of course you’re selling that! But underneath the surface, what are you really giving people, through this product or service? What do they really want? What are they already LOOKING for?

Godiva gets it

You can buy a box of Godiva chocolates for $50-60, but you’re actually buying something much more VALUABLE and important to your life than just chocolate.

I know: What could possibly be more important than chocolate?

Self indulgence! Godiva sells the experience of treating yourself and escaping from your busy responsibilities throughout the day - to your family, to your kids, to the people around you… you spend all of your time taking care of everyone else, and it's time to take care of yourself!

A few blissful moments of self-indulgence are worth way more than chocolate, don’t you think?

…disney and apple get it, too

Disney World doesn’t just sell theme park tickets — it sells closeness and togetherness with your family and loved ones.

Apple doesn’t just sell computers, iPods, and phones - it sells a cooler self-image!

So you can see how these brand are really something MUCH MORE VALUABLE than just the tangible product or service they’ve attached a price tag too.

So in your marketing, sell what you’re REALLY selling. Don’t sell the features, or the bells, or the whistles, or the buttons. Sell the experience your customer is already CRAVING. That’s the ticket to a much higher perceived value to your product or service!

how to figure out what you’re really selling

Want to know HOW to figure out what you’re really selling?

Catch the full episode for an easy process to find your offer’s TRUE value, figure out what YOU are really selling, and level up your marketing strategy like a pro!

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What are you really selling? Read the post, plus download the free brand coaching video + workbook. // Hellohappen Brand Strategy
What are you really selling? Read the post, plus download the free brand coaching video + workbook. // Hellohappen Brand Strategy

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