9 Things you NEED to Know About Your Customer

“I think I know who my customer is but… I’m not sure how to speak to them!”

I remember the first time I did an ideal client exercise for my brand. I answered questions about this person’s age, gender, clothing style, favorite books, and so on.

By the end, I had a pretty clear picture of what their life looked like on a surface level… but honestly I had no clue who they actually were, or how to talk to them!

So here are the 9 top things you actually NEED to know about your customer, so you actually know how to speak to this person on a level that builds connection and trust!

This is for you if:

  • You want to grow your business and build a brand that’s actually meaningful and magnetic to the customers you want.

  • You want to feel more clear and confident creating content, knowing it will resonate with the right people.

  • You’d rather build a brand that’s RELEVANT to people’s lives, than one that just looks cool or makes as much NOISE as possible.


What sort of person is this? Are they outgoing, or more reserved? Introverted or extraverted? Do they see the world in black and white, or do they see shades of grey? Are they warm and friendly, or cool and collected? Are they very literal, or more abstract in their thinking? Do they value logic, or emotions?

If you’ve ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test, these ideas might sound familiar… basically, you want to know WHO your customer is, on the same level you already know your best friend!


How does this person perceive themselves? What makes up their identity? Do they see themselves as a creative? A rebel? A “good” person? A social butterfly? A free thinker?

What labels and descriptors do they put on themselves, and who do they identify with?

Values + Beliefs

What does this person care about most? Where do they devote their time, money, energy, and thoughts?

Do they care most about making a difference, or making lots of money, or easing other people’s suffering, or building a legacy for their kids, or acquiring lots of material possessions, or what? Understanding this person’s core values is a big deal, because people connect with brands MAINLY over shared values!

And also, what does this person believe to be true about themselves, or the world? This question goes a bit deep, but consider what beliefs are behind their actions and thoughts on a daily basis.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin with “I exist” (that is, if this person believes they exist) and work your way up from there. What else do they believe to be true?


What and WHO does this person really like? What kinds of things, places, and people do they appreciate and like to surround themselves with? Maybe they like warm, sunny days, and friendly people who ask a lot of questions, and tiny dogs you can hold in your lap! Or maybe they like classic novels, people who are deep thinkers, and handknit sweaters.

The things your person likes can tell you a lot about them!


What sort of things, places, and people does this person really DISLIKE being around? Maybe they really dislike bossy or argumentative people. Maybe they really dislike being judged (don’t we all!). Maybe they really dislike spending too much time on the computer. Think about the things they dislike and want to avoid.


What do they HOPE will happen one day? What is their biggest dream, the one they’re almost embarrassed to tell anyone? What would be their absolute dream scenario in the future?

Think bigger than your product or service! If you sell cupcakes, your customer isn’t sitting around daydreaming that she’ll have a cupcake. If she is, she’ll just walk down the street and buy on! So thinking bigger, what are her LIFE goals?


What’s this person’s NIGHTMARE scenario? What do they live in fear might happen one day? What keeps them up at night?

Again, think bigger than your product or service. No one lives in fear of not eating a cupcake. (well… most people, anyway!)


Okay, let’s get a little more specific! What’s the actual GOAL they’re after, that you can play a part in helping them achieve? What do they want to have, do, or be that you can actually help them make a reality? What are they working so hard for, to pursue?

And this is important: WHY do they want this goal? What does it mean to them, on a deep level? How do they think their life will be better in a meaningful way, once they have achieved this thing or state they want?

You can list just the MAIN one, if ya like, or you can make a list of all their goals, including ones you can’t really help them. As long as you feel clear on what motivates this person right now!


And speaking of their goal, what’s getting in the way of them achieving it? If there weren’t a problem, there wouldn’t be a goal, because they’d already have, do, or be what they want. So what’s the main problem or obstacle that’s keeping them from reaching their goal, that you can actually help them solve? Consider both the internal problem, and the external problem!

P.S. This is just the start of getting really clear on who your ideal client is, and attracting him or her to your business online! If this is where you’re at, grab my Client Attraction Toolkit and I’ll walk you through every little step.


The 9 things you need to know about your customer are:

  1. Personality

  2. Identity

  3. Values + Beliefs


  5. Dislikes

  6. Hopes

  7. Fears

  8. Goals

  9. Problems

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Ashley Chymiy, Brand Strategist

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9 things you need to know about your customer // brand messaging / brand strategy / sales strategy / #brandingtips
9 things you need to know about your customer // brand messaging / brand strategy / sales strategy / #brandingtips

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