7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction

“I’m doing all the things, but I’m not attracting any clients… what gives? How do I fix this?”

Oh man, I KNOW this pain. I started my business with tons of marketing and behavior change experience, but ZERO experience in sales. As a marketing project manager in the nonprofit world, I had no clue how to actually make money.

So I buckled down and learned a strategy that worked for me, and allowed me to create clients through ATTRACTION MARKETING instead of scammy scales tactics.

And in my experience, there are 7 RULES to client attraction, and you’re going to learn all of them today! Like, right now!

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready for paying clients, and you’re EXCITED to get paid for your amazing expertise…

  • …but you don’t know how to actually get them in the door!

  • You want an approach that’s about ATTRACTION instead of making as much noise as possible. Quality over quantity!

Attracting your dream clients doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few rules you should know! Some of them will come naturally to you, and others will be a little bit harder. But if you follow all of these rules, and you’ll be attracting your dream clients in no time!

1. Have a clear offer + message

The first rule is to always be CLEAR and as simple as possible in your message and your offers. A confused mind doesn’t buy! Trying to pack your marketing with too many ideas or too much information overcomplicates things and creates confusion and paralysis, which is the opposite of a sale! Keep it simple, keep it straightforward, and remember that clear is better than clever.

Try this simple formula:

  • Describe the problem. Most _______ struggle with ______…

  • Describe how you solve it. I offer ______ to solve that problem…

  • Describe the outcome. …So that you can ______.

If you can express what you do in one clear sentence, you’re on the right track!

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2. Understand them + speak to their situation

Show that you understand their situation and that you’ve taken the time to really STUDY their problem from their perspective.

Anything less will make you seem irrelevant to their situation! If you walk into a hospital because you broke your leg, and the hospital staff tries to sell you vitamin supplements, it’s clear that you’re in the wrong place and you’ll leave to find a different hospital!

Do your research, ask questions to understand their pain points, and position your offer to speak directly to that pain. Make sure you’re giving people what they want and need, whether it’s an offer, or a message, or a free resource!

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3. Make them feel special + catered to

If you’re going to attract your dream clients, you have to focus on serving certain clients and not others. In order words, you have to commit to showing up and helping a specific type of client EVEN IF IT MEANS losing out on other clients.

Imagine someone sends you and 500 other people a group text asking, “Wanna go on a date?” It’s clear they were just asking everyone they knew, hoping someone — anyone! — would say yes. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM.

But if they reach out directly to you and say, “You’re my dream girl. I love X, Y, and Z about you. Go on a date with me?” that’s a whole other story.

If you don’t make your ideal clients feel special, you’ll just stay lost in the crowd! Figure out exactly who you’re speaking to, define ONE person, and build an experience around them.

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4. Stand for something that matters to them

Every great brand stands for something bigger than its own success!

When you stand for something, you signal who you are. You signal your values. You let people know who you are… that tells them who you’re for.

So, what do you stand for? What are you passionate about? Why should anyone be excited or care about what you do? Once you know this, everything else is so much easier.

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5. Build trust + credibility

Building trust is one of the most important elements in your customer’s journey to working with you. If someone isn’t sure they can trust you, they won’t likely buy. You build trust by investing in people and giving them a chance to get to know you, learn from you, see that you know what you’re talking about, and understand how you see the world and approach problems.

Great content isn’t the only way to build credibility. You also build credibility by showing that others trust you – through testimonials, reviews, and media appearances like guest blogs and podcasts.

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6. Get seen in the right places

To attract your dream clients, they need to know you exist. You need to show up in the right places and be SEEN so you get on their radar. How else will you bring your dream clients calling? Stop hiding – start showing up!

Even if it’s awkward at first, even if you “mess up,” you need to embrace the process and commit to showing up despite the fear. Get in the habit of doing things that scare you, and showing up in ways you don’t feel ready for, and you’ll move forward faster than you can imagine!

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7. Stay on-brand and on-message

This goes back to “a confused mind doesn’t buy.” If your dream client sees you and likes you, but you’re totally different the next time they see you, they may wonder if they can trust you…or if they ever understood you to begin with.

That second-guessing makes it hard to move forward with a purchase with any degree of confidence! So be sure you’re consistent in your message, your visuals, your offers and what you communicate you can offer your dream client.

That doesn’t mean to never evolve or explore the limits of what you offer – it just means you should be thoughtful about what you say and do.

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The 7 Rules of Client Attraction are:

  1. Have a clear offer + message

  2. Understand them + speak to their situation

  3. Make them feel special + catered to

  4. Stand for something that matters to them

  5. Build trust + credibility

  6. Get seen in the right places

  7. Stay on-brand and on-message

One more thing – if you’ve downloaded my Brand Blueprint, you may have noticed that these rules mirror the 7 signs of a strong brand!

That’s because sales are all about how people think and feel about you – i.e., they’re about your BRAND!

If you haven’t gotten the Brand Blueprint and 7-day email course yet, grab it below and start tackling a different branding essential each day!

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Ashley Chymiy, Brand Strategist

Hey! I’m Ashley.

I’m all about growing your mission-driven business with heart and intention! If you need help connecting authentically with your dream clients, you’re in the right place.

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If you want to build a premium brand, you have to ELEVATE it in people’s minds. Here are 6 methods you can use today! // Hellohappen Brand Strategy / brand strategy for passionate entrepreneurs #salesstrategy #mindfulbusiness
If you want to build a premium brand, you have to ELEVATE it in people’s minds. Here are 6 methods you can use today! // Hellohappen Brand Strategy / brand strategy for passionate entrepreneurs #salesstrategy #mindfulbusiness

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