Resilience as a New Entrepreneur


when you make a promise to yourself, you keep it! You show up, if you can find a way.

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Hello, wonderful! I'm coming at you analog-style.

That’s right – I’m writing this post with a good old fashioned pen, on good old-fashioned paper, using my good old-fashioned hand.

(Okay, it has to be typed up at some point, but this draft is totally old school).

Why am I writing this blog post by hand? Well, just moments ago, I was settling in at my desk to write my weekly-ish blog post. I’ve worked over the past few months to maintain a regular blogging habit, and it was time to reinforce it.

But just as I pulled open a new document, the power went out.

Yep – no flickering, no off, then on, then back off. Just out, FOREVER.

Okay, not forever. It will come back on eventually I’m sure (unless this is the end of the world, in which case...bummer).

I’ll be honest – for a split-second I thought, “Oh well! Too bad! The universe doesn’t want me to blog, I guess. After all, my blog post ideas are in a Word doc I obviously can’t access right now.”

I picked up my new library book, and plopped down on the couch to read.

“Um, excuse me,” offered my grown-up big girl self. “You’re not just going to give up just like that, are you?”

“Oh! Uh, no, of course not, big girl self. I’m definitely still going to blog.”

So I put down the book, grabbed a notepad, and started writing.

Because when you make a promise to yourself, you keep it! You show up, if you can possibly find a way. This is my time to blog, and I’m not gonna let a little involuntary trip back to 1807 stop me.

why not wait?

To be honest, I could have easily hit the "snooze" button on my business and waited for more fortuitous conditions to write this post.

But the thing is, I’m halfway through reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book The Universe Has Your Back. And my key takeaway so far has been (to adapt it for my own purposes) that the universe is divinely, eerily good at sending the experiences you need in order to grow, in the direction you want.

All you need to do is:

  1. Identify how you’d like you and/or your life to be different.

  2. Ask for guidance from the universe to help you get there.

  3. Show up and do your part!

So, what did I ask for? Guidance to help me stay the course on my blog and business, and not lose momentum.

A power outage is about the opposite thing I expected to happen when I asked the universe to help me stay on track. But for me, today, it’s just what I needed – a chance to prove to myself that I am ready and willing to show up day after day, and stay the course.

Then, when the universe says, “Okay Ashley, you can’t use your computer today – will you still show up?” you say “Yes! I’m here. I’m ready to grow. And I’m gonna blog, with or without technology.”

what class are you taking?

So… what are you asking the universe for in your life or biz? And more importantly, when the ultimate teacher hears your request and arrives with a lesson plan designed just for you, are you showing up for class? Or are you walking in, seeing that the classroom isn’t set up the way you’re expecting, and walking back out?

Do yourself a favor – settle in, tune in, and remain open to the lesson of the day.

Here’s are some other reasons to show up for class: Grit. Resilience. Confidence in yourself. When you show up and make the most of your situation, you’re reinforcing a positive habit and proving to yourself that you’re all in. You’re unstoppable. Feels good, doesn’t it?

you do you – even in imperfect moments!

So, wonderful you, here’s to your imperfect moments. The teachable moments. The lesson plans designed and tailor-made, just for you. You’re ready for them!

See you in class!

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