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Find Your Authentic Brand Voice + Message

“I don’t have anything to say,” I thought to myself, staring at the blinking cursor. I felt like everything worth saying had already been said, everything worth doing already done.

What was left for me – or anyone – to say? What was my voice? Why should anyone bother to listen to me?

I was trapped in an endless loop of comparing myself with Jasmine Star and Marie Forleo, and feeling utterly hopeless…

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Hiring a Biz coach? Know What to Look For!

Hey you, new entrepreneur!

Are you new to the online business world? Are you suddenly seeing ads every which way, showing beautiful women laughing and cavorting across tropical islands in designer clothes, promising that you, too, can have six-figure months in just a few short weeks?

Yea, me too. And I was especially bombarded with these ads when I started researching online business to prepare for my launch.

I’m not naming names, but you may have caught yourself lying in bed reading these people’s webpages at 2am in the dark, your eyes bugging out of your head, wondering if you, too, could make a million dollars this year in passive income, “retire your husband,” and go travel the world.

If that’s your dream, awesome! I fully support that. But along your journey, you may encounter people who promise they can get you there super fast in just a few weeks – big on promises, short on details. 

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Resilience as a New Entrepreneur

Hello, wonderful you! Ashley here, coming at you analog-style.

That’s right – I’m writing this post with a good old fashioned pen, on good old-fashioned paper, using my good old-fashioned hand. (Okay, it has to be typed up at some point, but this draft is totally old school).

Why am I writing this blog post by hand? Well, just moments ago, I was settling in at my desk to write my weekly-ish blog post. I’ve worked over the past few months to maintain a regular blogging habit, and it was time to reinforce it.

But just as I pulled open a new document, the power went out.

Yep – no flickering, no off, then on, then back off. Just out, FOREVER.

Okay, not forever. It will come back on eventually I’m sure (unless this is the end of the world, in which case this day is going very differently from what I expected).

I’ll be honest – for a split-second I thought, “Oh well! Too bad! The universe doesn’t want me to blog, I guess. After all, my blog post ideas are in a Word doc I obviously can’t access right now.”

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FEAR and How to Kick it in the Tush

Ahh, the F-word.

If you have ever gotten a new business or product off the ground, you may know something a little thing called fear.

One moment you’re chugging along, whistling while you work, happily chipping away at a project. And then the next moment, it’s like you run smack into an invisible force field – and try as you might, there’s no getting past it. 

I’ll let you in on a secret: As I write this post, I’m in the middle of experiencing a spell of fear and resistance.

I’m getting closer to a big new launch, after working on it for weeks and weeks, and it’s like all my deepest fears are bubbling up to the surface. Am I hitting the mark? Is my copy going to resonate the way I want it to? Should I go back to the drawing board on that thing I don’t think is perfect yet? The list goes on.

Luckily I’ve been here before, so I see it for what it is – garden variety resistance.

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