How to Choose Your Niche

Who is this episode for?

It’s for you if:

  • You've been in business for awhile, and now you want to raise your prices and be more competitive, so you need to create a premium experience for a certain type of customer.

  • You’re just starting out and are unsure of what kind of business you really want to build

  • You’re launching a new product or service and want it to sell really well right away.

  • You want to pivot and start engaging a different type of customer.

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Making Your Brand Word-of-Mouth-friendly

We’re gonna cover how to make your brand more word-of-mouth-friendly, so you can generate referrals and turn your small audience into a big one!

why this matters

Make your brand word-of-mouth-friendly:

  1. Makes you more memorable. Telling a more word-of-mouth-friendly story about your brand makes it easier for your customer or prospective customer to remember you! If they can’t easily understand what you offer and why it matters to them, they’ll have a hard time storing it away in their memory for future use.

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Ashley Chymiy
Get More Engagement on Social Media

If you've ever experienced working on a piece of content and putting it out in the world, and getting almost no response, or just not really getting the response you wanted… that can be really frustrating!

You’re just missing a piece of the puzzle, and so the whole thing is just not working. It's like baking a cake, and you forget one critical ingredient, like flour, and you’re not really going to get a very good cake.

So what are the ingredients to a really active and engaged social media online presence?

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What is a Brand?

A lot of us first encounter the idea of what a brand is, through the visual side: really clever logos, really beautiful colors, attractive visual branding, and a visual aesthetic that draws us in. And that makes sense because that's kind of the part of a brand that you can see at the very first glance, but branding goes deeper than just the visual representations of a brand.

Here’s how I normally define a brand in super super simple terms: Your brand is what you mean to people. It’s how they feel and think about you or your business - and like I said before, it's about more than just the visuals. Those are kind of the symbols in the icons for your brand, what's underneath the surface, but what do the symbols represent?

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How to Build a Strong Brand

Every audience touchpoint is an opportunity to either blend in with the crowd, or create an experience. Branding is essentially creating intentional experiences in a way that sets you apart! Our brains give EXTRA room to unique experiences and makes them stand out in our memories. The days you followed your normal routine last year may not stand out in your memory, but the day trips, vacations, and unusual experiences sure do.

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Ashley Chymiy
Learn the language of your target audience

So much of your brand strategy hinges on understanding your audience! In fact, branding is all about connecting with your audience, and building a strong emotional association in their minds.

When you speak the the language of your audience, they connect with you in a powerful way. Not only does it show your expertise. It also shows that you care, you listen, and you understand. It shows that you get it. You have invested time and energy, and even your career, into understanding and solving the problems they face.

So how do you learn the language of your audience? Let's break it down into a few easy steps!

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How to write an awesome landing page

Hey, wonderful you! If you run a business – especially a service-based one – you know your landing page is a critical piece of your marketing and sales system. Is it doing its job?

The key to a great landing page for a service-based business is not a long list of accomplishments, a splashy design, or slick copy. It’s not about SEO or beautiful photography. It’s not about being the smartest, most successful, or most in-demand person in your industry.

I mean, all these things are awesome to have. But they’re not the key!

The key is to a magnetic landing page is showing that you understand your audience and what they need. It’s about meeting people where they are.

This is truly the ticket to grabbing people’s attention and stoking their curiosity about what you can offer.

So whether you’re DIY-ing your website or hiring a designer, knowing these basic principles will help you create a landing page that leaves people wanting more.

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